About Stryve

Stryve is dedicated to living a life well lived, creating mindful moments and productive presence to really feel and experience the full spectrum of things that life has to offer.

Stryve came about from my own need to reclaim myself from constant distraction, inertia and a general sense of purposelessness. Today we’re more connected than ever but equally as disconnected. In a world where life seems to moving at a break-neck pace, our work days are longer, we’re always ‘busy’ and we have a million and one things vying for our attention, from the door-to-the-world device in our hands to being numbed by bingeflix when we come home at night. life is now on-demand and a highlight reel refreshed on a feed.

This is my rebellion, my attempt to live purposefully, mindfully and in the end fully.

Stryve Mind will help you learn new tactics and strategies to live a life in presence; optimise routines and re-focus the lens.

To begin, this site will be a resource of content that you can use and consume for your own journey. Later there will be new tools, and a host of other cool things to add value to your life.

Two Quotes that I think about daily are:

‘Civilise the mind, but make savage the body’ – Mind and Body are inseparable and both co-dependent on each others performance. My goal is to move every day and reinforce the mind/body connection.

‘Hell on earth is meeting the man you could have been.’  I don’t want to be that guy that didn’t fully live his life or one who sat in the safe zone, only to become an 80 yr old looking back, filled with regret.

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Yours in the pursuit of a life lived to its full potential


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The culmination of micro-actions, leads to lasting change.

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